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About Sean Holmes

By name alone you already know I was born for Real Estate. Branding has been a fun part of my Real Estate success with the #Holmes name often hash tagged on my activities. But truly my time and success in Real Estate has been a culmination of so many achievements throughout my life, led by a strong work ethic, genuine honesty and a loyalty that my clients can depend on. Many skills I have acquired throughout my life have added to my abilities as a Real Estate Salesperson, but my degrees from the University of Windsor and University of Toronto in International Relations, Economics and Project Management have certainly been the catalyst to my skill set. Along with those more academic and abstract skills I have also acquired a strong and unique skill set from a tenured career in sales and a decade of management in Ontario sport. My more personal side tends to align as a bit of an idealist and I try to situate myself in environments that give back to both my community and client base with thoughtful, dedicated work to help contribute to a better world when I can. I have spent more than a decade volunteering in the sport community, specifically in the Gymnastics and Hockey worlds, working with Big Brothers and Sisters helping underprivileged youth and as a committee member for several conservancy and environmental groups. My mission in Real Estate is much the same as it is in life, to leave a positive and lasting impression on people based on the quality of experience they have with me; I want you to feel good about your decisions, direction and daily life. Let’s make your Real Estate dreams our joint success!